New Memory-Foam Dog Bed

New Memory-Foam Dog Bed

New Memory-Foam Dog Bed

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As a dog lover, you wish only the best for your pooch. That's why you'll want this super-supportive dog bed. Built tougher than most, it offers ultimate comfort for any dog, young or old. Perfect for senior dogs... relieves pressure on joints & muscles.

The Secret's Of  Memory Foam Bed

Why settle for skimpy pet beds made with that cheap "egg-crate" foam? This Bed is packed 5 inches deep with premium solid memory foam, the same kind used for high-end "people beds." Result? It provides more cushioned support than dog beds that cost far more.

Product Feature:

The sofa bed shape, moderate-high wall and soft but durable shell make this awesome cuddler a superb, cozy and warm spot for your loved pooches.

This soft and snuggly bed has a low front profile which makes it easy for senior dogs to climb into. The bottom waterproof oxford It protects your pet from moisture and keep more warm.

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